Hello folks, you’re listening to Radio New Vegas, your little jukebox in the Mojave Wasteland. I’m Mr. New Vegas, and I’m here for you. We’ve got some news for you coming right up.

The Nipton Highway and I-15 has seen increased traffic as more traders from California make it through the Mojave Outpost, just in time for the dry season. No better time to grab some fresh Sarsaparilla to share with that special someone in your life.

In other news, reports of Raider activity out along outer Vegas have decreased as of late after a Security Force drove out the remnants of the Fiends – hopefully for the last time. Refugees from the areas have begun to reclaim their former homes, while those who remained have a new vigor to life. One witness said, quote, God sent us two angels. And at least one had him a .308 caliber flaming sword of justice with a telescopic sight.

Speaking of those with wings on their feet, there’s been some rumors floating around our very own neighborhood regarding one, J.E.C. Caravan and Courier Service calling in a Special Crew to follow up on their historic Manifest Destiny Trade Route all the way back East. It’s been about three years since the first crew set off from New Vegas into parts unknown, and who knows, maybe we’ll see another group heading out the same.

But don’t worry listeners, they may be leaving you, but I never will. Now here’s a special song for that special someone you only find once in a Blue Moon…

So It Goes

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